Must Have Travel Apps for a Last Minute Getaway for Nurses

Nurses work super hard! While we plan fabulous getaways here at Nurses Travel Network, we understand that you can't hop on a plane to Bali every day. Sometimes you just want a quick last minute getaway. We wanted to share some of our favorite travel apps and websites for the times that you just want to get away.

1. Hotels Tonight: This is great for staycations and last minute vacations. The app offers heavily discounted rates on hotels. They often offer "Geo-rates" based on your location. Forget about preparing in advance, and head over to HotelsTonight to grab your room.

2. Feeling adventurous? Hotwire also offers insanely discounted rates on hotels. The catch is... you don't know exactly which hotel you will stay in. If you are flexible, and have a general idea of where you would like to be, this website is perfect for you. Our recommendations? Filter your choices to a 4 or 5 star hotel with a guest rating of 4.5 or better.

Additional Note: Hotwire also offers great deals on rental cars. So if you're craving a quick road trip. Hop over to hot wire and grab a car for the weekend.

3. Skyscanner: Skyscanner is perfect when you are not really sure where you want to go. Enter your departure city, then select "Search Everywhere" and see what comes up. Endless options for domestic and international flights based on price pop up. Pick the perfect spot for you and your pockets!

4. Airbnb Experiences: So you have your hotel and your flight, but you are not really sure what to do? Not a problem. Airbnb Experience offer unique activities with local guides. Get personalized tours and explore little-known hotspots. These experiences offer you something just a little bit different from the usual tourist activities. Choose from a variety of interests: Food and Drink, Health and Wellness, Arts and Entertainment, and more

Photo Credit: Airbnb

These are our top three choices for a quick getaway. What are some of yours?

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