Choosing a Travel Nurse Company that is Right for You

Hey guys, my name is Danni and I’m a travel nurse from Philly currently living in LA. I have been traveling for about three years and I am here to help you choose a travel company that right for you. Choosing a travel company can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming at first. They are all telling you the same thing; like how their rates are the best, and their housing options are amazing or how they have the best contracts with the top hospitals. For a first time traveler it sounds great, but when everyone is saying the same thing, it sounds quite scary.

First tip I have for you is to do your own research before you sign up to receive emails and phone calls. These companies and recruiters are extremely persistent (as they should be) but if you’re not prepared to speak with them or ask them the necessary questions, don’t bother. You will regret it. Every day between 9am and 3pm you will receive random phone calls from recruiters at various travel companies selling you the same dream. Now you’re probably thinking “Danni, how can I do research without talking to the companies?” Google them, speak with travel nurses and ask about their company, social media, blog post, etc. With today’s technology and the rise of social media as well as influencers, companies will be crazy not to advertise what they are doing and why they are the best.

So you did you research and you found several companies you like or are interested, second tip is to narrow your options to two companies. You are a first time traveler, you don’t need 3 or 4 recruiters from different companies calling you and selling you on why they are the best, again it’s overwhelming, trust me! After you become an OG and have a few assignments under your belt in different cities, then branch out and speak with multiple companies. You know what to expect.

Before you sign up to receive emails, write down the questions (third tip) that are most important to you and keep them in your planner, phone etc. Questions like bringing a pet, shipping a car, license reimbursement, health insurance, “housing stipend” and “take home”. Taking these phone calls when you’re prepared with your questions will be less mind-boggling.

Ok, you’re almost ready to choose your company. You did your research, you narrowed it down to two companies, you have your questions handy, now you've submitted your email address and phone number to xyz travel company. Literally expect a phone call from xyz recruiter either later that afternoon (depending on the time) or the next morning. Now what…. Interview the recruiter, my fourth tip.

It sounds a little obnoxious but it’s not meant to be. This recruiter is your “go to” person for your assignment, especially for your first assignment because there will be so many things that are confusing and so many questions. Though the recruiter may not be able to answer every question you may have, they should be able to shed light and connect you to the people who do know. During the “interview” just get a feel for the person - see if you guys vibe or mesh well. Ask them how many nurses they are managing. For me, that’s a big deal - on my first travel assignment with a larger company I found out that 7 of the nurses there (same department) had my recruiter… I feel that was a conflict of interest for me, if you don’t return my calls but will return theirs in front of me… now that’s a huge problem. My relationship with my recruiter is amazing I feel, she’s honest, caring and a no bull shitter. She wants the best for all of her nurses and she treats me like I’m the only nurse she is working with. I feel like she senses when I am in a panic mood and reaches out. It’s very weird but in a good way. We both respect each other’s time and respond to each other within the hour if not sooner whether it’s about business or just checking in. She’s the reason why I am in LA and also encouraged me to blog. So there are some tips on choosing your travel company and recruiter. This world is very autonomous, you have to make sure that you have the right people in your corner supporting you and not ignoring you. Especially if shit hits the fan excuse the expression.

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