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We Are Hiring!

Our Story

Nurses Travel Network is a Luxury Travel Company that hosts boutique retreats for nurses around the world. At Nurses Travel Network, we are committed to providing luxury travel experiences that allow our nurses tribe the opportunity to let their hair down, relax, and escape the day-to-day pressures of caring for others.

Let’s Work Together

Client Experience Concierge 

Houston, TX

As a Client Experience Concierge, you will join the tribe as a strategic thought partner for designing and improving the customer experience from start to finish. You will be responsible for increasing customer satisfaction rates, increasing customer loyalty, and gaining more referrals from our loyal customers. The ideal candidate has a love for people, attitude of service, and is forward-thinking. 


Curating the Customer Experience

We want to keep the tribe vibes high and ensure we are giving the nurses all they want and more. At NTN, we have a membership box that goes out annually, and gifts that we send to our customers throughout the year. As the CEC, you will be responsible for:

  • Curation, Creation and Shipping of Customer Gifts

  • Curation, Creation, and Shipping of Membership Items

  • Curating Relevant Surveys to Solicit Feedback from Customers on What to Put in Boxes

  • Curating Innovative Events and Experiences based on Customer Feedback.

  • In your application, please include the store you feel has the best customer service.

  • Attending some trips and events in order to get live feedback

Collecting and Analyzing Customer Feedback

They talk, we listen. We want to get all feedback, data, and input - from the good and the great, to the bad and the ugly - in order to provide our tribe with the best experience possible. 

  • Creating Post-Retreat Surveys

  • Using Feedback Collected to Work with Director of Operations on ways to Improve

  • Following up With Individuals Who have Expressed Concerns

Development and Implementation of Programs

We want to reward our loyal tribe members, and partner with individuals and brands that can enhance the customer experience. Part of your job will include:

  • Development and Implementation of a Program that offers incentives to repeat customers

  • Development and Implementation of a Program that offers referral incentives

  • Using Customer Input, you will be responsible for developing partnerships with brands for the purpose of collaboration.


  • Previous Customer Service Experience

  • Outgoing and Personable Attitude

  • Detail Oriented

  • Houston Based

  • Ability to Meet in Person as Needed

  • Ability to Travel 1-2 Times Per Quarter

  • Valid Passport


  • Degree in Marketing, Communication, Hospitality or Nursing

  • Understanding of the Nursing Profession

  • Previous Experience in Event Planning


Apply by following this link.

Applications close on May 15th.

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